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    I am a rebel.  I am here to challenge the idea that fat, full-figured, plump, chubby, obese, tubby, hefty, fluffy, overweight girls are ugly.  I am here to rebel against the idea that anything above a size 4 is overweight and anything in double-digit sizes is obese.  I am here to open the eyes of not only the abusers, the name-callers, the people who automatically shut out heavy girls because of our weight, but anyone who doesn’t realize that as long as a body is healthy, it doesn’t matter the size.


    I’m here to broaden the horizons of big women everywhere.  To show you that no matter what size you wear, it’s just a number.  You are not your height.  You are not your weight.  You are not your measurements.  You are not what the media and advertisers want you to believe.  You are a beautiful human being who deserves to look and feel just as sexy and incredible as anyone else.


    Go talk to your doctor.  Have a full checkup.  Get your cholesterol checked, your calcium, vitamin D, any and every little thing you can get checked, have it done.  If the doctor tells you that you could stand to lose weight, ask why.  Be your own voice.  Don’t just accept what’s said – ask why.  Ask how.  Ask when, where, what, and get into the reality behind the results of your checkup and lab work.  If your doctor can show you proof and explain it without treating you like an idiot, keep that doctor.  If your doctor tries to put you off, treats you like a child or is simply a jackass, remember:  that doctor is supposed to work for YOU.  Fire him.  Walk out.  Get a copy of your record and your tests and go to a better physician.  There are great ones out there who will help instead of hinder.


    If your labs come up clean or show minor things that can be easily controlled by a multi-vitamin, (I had to get some serious vitamin D going recently), guess what – your weight is not a factor in your overall health.  That’s right – if your physician tells you that you’re healthy, then who are you going to believe; the physician you trust or a bunch of assholes who enjoy digging on you because of your size?  Mmmhmmm.


    If your doctor shows you something really is wrong, then by all means, fix it, but don’t focus on fixing the wrong thing.  Work with your doctor or even a specialist who can better assist you with whatever medical issues you need to address.  If it’s not your weight, then don’t worry about your weight.  Fix what’s wrong; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


    Everyone, no matter what size, has a right to live in happiness.

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